Elizabethtown Kentucky Mini Dental Implants
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Mini Dental Implants in Elizabethtown Kentucky - A Consultation is Free:


Comfortable, Secure Dentures? Mini Dental Implants offer quick, affordable hope for many denture wearers.

A new type of dental implant is being described as cutting edge technology, quick, efficient, affordable and for the most part pain free. Denture wearers know that keeping them in place when smiling, talking and chewing can sometimes be a challenge, they are unable to eat what they want and they are sick of the taste and feel of the denture adhesives that they have to use to keep the dentures from falling out.

Conventional implants require surgery and the healing process is too long, weeks, even months. They may not work for diabetics who are slow to heal and for people with small jawbones. And they come with a very heavy price tag.

Now, Mini Dental Implants can be placed without incisions which is usually better for patient comfort and a lessened chance of infection, and at only a fraction of the cost for the patient.

Now, Mini Dental Implants allow denture wearers to have a better and more comfortable fit in much less time, relatively painlessly, and at only a fraction of the cost.

Many have looked into conventional implants, they are aware of the surgery, the long healing periods and the enormous expense, and have decided against it. Now there are Mini Implants. Contact us for a free no-obligation consult or second opinion.

MIDI Mini ImplantsMini Dental Implants


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